Sarlat movie festival

Come experience a week at the heart of the cinema
The Sarlat Film Festival is one of the major festivals of the French cinematographic world.
It is recognised for its national importance, and is supported by institutions at all levels: local, departemental, regional and national.
This festival is also well-known to cinema personalities who gather each year to present their latest works. You just might come across some of the greatest French directors and actors of the last twenty years as they stroll through the streets of Sarlat.
The festival was founded for educational purposes, and it is attended each year by six hundred secondary school students from all over France involved in the "Terminale L Option Cinéma" programme. The festival offers these students a special preparation for their A-levels through lectures and other film-related encounters. They also enjoy the opportunity to view the nominated films and meet the film crews visiting Sarlat for the occasion.

The Sarlat Film Festival invites locals and visitors of the region to attend sneak previews of the best film productions of the moment.