From Sarlat to Collonges la Rouge

From Sarlat to Collonges-la-Rouge, an incursion in Limousin.

Approximatively 125km from Sarlat


Head to SAINT-CREPIN-ET-CALUCET, then to « Vieux Saint Crépin » to admire the Lacypierre castle (from the XVI century).

Then join CARLUCET where you’ll find  a church and a cemetery with enfeus (funeral niches) classified as a historical monument.

Next, reach SALIGNAC, stop at  « Les Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac », a french green garden wich  is also classified as a historical monument. Head back to Salignac to admire the castle from the XII and the XIII centuries, the Croisiers noble hotel and the former farmer covered market.

Then go to TURENNE (in the department of La Corrèze) to visit this place listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. This village, split between the upper and lower city , is named after a powerfull Viscount who ruled over Limousin, Périgord and Quercy for 10 centuries. Turenne kept several marks of his rulling (ancient private hotels  topped with turrets from the XV , XVI and the XVII centuries ), especially  his feodal castle dominating the village, partly in ruins, but there is a wonderful view from the Cesar tower.

Stop to COLLONGES-LA-ROUGE wich is also listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. The originality of this village is his unique red sandstone. It is a former vassal stronghold of the Turenne Earls and we still can admire noble houses from the XV and XVI centuries, the covered market with a banal oven and the Saint-Pierre church.

Join MEYSSAC where, as in Collonges-la-Rouge, there are red sandstone built houses.

Then go to MARTEL, « the city of seven towers », where you can visit the Saint-Maur church, the, Raymondie hotel and the Consul place with a covered market.

Finally, go back to Sarlat.