Saint André d'Allas

Located near the prehistoric sites of Les Eyzies de Tayac-Sireuil and the National Prehistory Museum, Saint-André-Allas has been occupied since the dawn of humanity. The prehistoric settlement of the area was revealed in 1911 with the discovery of several prehistoric burial sites within the rock shelter of Pas Estret along the road between Sarlat and Les Eyzies.

The village also includes a village of dry stone huts in an exceptional state of preservation. The roofs and vaults of these structures were remarkably well-built, enabling them to stand up to the test of time.

The modest interiors of these buildings reveal the aesthetic beauty and art de vivre cultivated by local peasants in spite of their rudimentary farming lifestyle.

Along the footpaths here, you may discover the local hamlets such as Beyssac which features a spinning mill that was originally a forge.

►Shops :

Baker's - Boulangerie Margot, La Boyne (+ 33

DIY, Parks and gardens maintenance - Multibrico espaces verts, Villeneuve (+ 33

Flourmill - SARL Bruscand, La Grange de Vergne (+ 33

Sculptuer - Noizette, La Boyne (+ 33

Software company - France service informatique, Tursac (+ 33

Regional products - Ferme LACOMBE, Bénivès (+ 33 5 53 30 43 39)

► Services :

Townhall - Les Crochets (+ 33

Primary school - Bourg (+ 33

Community nurse - Olivia PEITAVY, Le Couderc (