The Ringueta (traditional games festival)

The Sarlat Ringueta is a festival celebrating the traditional games of the past. An opportunity to revisit childhood and to discover how our grandparents amused themselves.

Situated in the Place de la Grande Rigaudie, the visitors can have a go at up to 30 traditional Occitan games, played in the days when people spoke the local dialect the " Langue d’Oc".

For example the "Rampeau"; a throwing game played with 3 skittles and a ball, the aim being to knock down the skittles and to achieve a "rampeau";

The Barrel Rodeo, a game mostly played by children who must sit astride an old barrel threaded onto a 20cm thick pole and pull themselves along by tugging on a rope without falling off - and other traditional games such as the Mâts de Cocagne, (climbing a greasy pole), the Jeu des Oies, (throwing hoops over the necks of real geese), stilt races and Tug of War.

After the thrills and efforts of the games you can reward yourself with a real Perigoudian meal prepared, of course, with local produce – good food and a convivial atmosphere guaranteed!

The Ringueta is an event which the people of Sarlat make sure they never miss. It takes place on Whitsun Sunday in even numbered years only.