Moulin de la Rouzique, Econo-musée du Papier


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Moulin de la Rouzique - Economusée du Papier
Route de Varennes
Couze Saint Front
+33 5 53 57 52 64
+33 5 53 57 73 00


Located 35 kilometres southwest of Sarlat in the Périgord Noir along the Dordogne Valley in Belvès.
At Moulin de Rouzique, your guide will explain the full story of the site and the steps of paper manufacture, and even activate some of the mechanisms (scale model, paddle wheel, cylinder mould machine, and more), as you discover the various rooms of the paper mill.
You, too, may activate the cylinder mould and discover this expertise as you manufacture your own sheet of paper!
At the end of your tour, discover the watermark museum including some pieces dating from medieval times.
Since the 15th century, this mill has been perpetuating hemp, flax and cotton fibre paper manufacturing traditions.
At the end of the 19th century, Couze-et-Saint-Front was home to no fewer than thirteen paper mills.
Treasure hunts for children and paper workshops are available during school holiday periods