Markets in and around sarlat

Sarlat Market is a must for food lovers. All year long, depending on the season you can find foie gras, the famous cepe mushrooms, magret (duck breasts) & confit (conserves of duck or goose), truffles, walnuts, strawberries and countless other delicious local products to tempt the visitor’s taste buds.

There is a lively and cheerful atmosphere, the stalls are colourful and wonderful smells abound, all set against the background of a beautiful town with exceptional, historical architecture. Not to be missed!


■ Day market (all year long)

  • on Saturday: in the city centre – all products from 8.30 am to 6 pm
  • on Saturday morning: Place de la Liberté – food market from 8.30 am to 1 pm
  • on Saturday morning in winter only: several markets with award-winning truffles
  • on Saturday morning in October: Place du 19 mars 1962 or Place du Marché aux Noix
  • on Wednesday morning: small food market – Place de la Liberté from 8.30 am to 1 pm


■ Covered market (all year long)

Former Sainte Marie church – Place de la Liberté

  • Off season: everyday (except on Monday, Thursday and Sunday) from 8.30 am to 12.30 am. 
  • High season: everyday from 8.30 am to 2 pm


■ Organic night market (all year long)

  • on Thursday:  Place du 14 Juillet (in front of the Post Office) from 5 pm in winter and 6 pm in summer. Several organic products on sale (farm products, teas and infusions, spices, perfumes, cristals, jams, poultry, eggs, etc...)
  • on Wednesday: Chateau de Campagnac (in direction to Brive), from 4pm to 7pm. Sales of vegetables from organic gardening.


■ Truffle and “foie gras” markets

Place Boissarie (near the covered market, Sainte Marie church): on Saturday from 9 am to 12 am, in December, January and February.


■ Truffle wholesale market

Place de la Liberté: on Wednesday from 2 pm, from November to February. This market is open to truffle-harvesters, companies from agribusiness, merchants and restorers.


Day markets around Sarlat (usually in the morning)

■ Monday: Beynac  (from mid-June to mid-September), Hautefort (every first Monday of the month), Les Eyzies (from April to October), Périgueux, Thenon (Covered market)

■Tuesday: Cénac, Le Bugue, Salignac (from mid-April to mid-September), Périgueux.

■ Wednesday: Sainte-Nathalène (July/August), Montignac, Hautefort, Cadouin, Siorac, Saint-Cyprien (July/August) Périgueux.

■ Thursday: Domme, St Julien de Lampon, Meyrals (from the end of June to mid-September), Terrasson, Lalinde,Périgueux .

■ Friday: La Roque Gageac (from May to September), Le Buisson, Périgueux.

■ Saturday: Montignac, Belvès, Le Bugue, Périgueux, Bergerac.

■ Sunday: Marquay (July/August), Calviac (July/August), Carsac (from mid-June to mid-September), Daglan, Saint-Cyprien, Rouffignac, Sant-Geniès, Périgueux.


Night markets around Sarlat (high season)

■ Monday: Montignac (July/August), Les Milandes (end of June - mid-September) Sainte Mondane   .

■ Tuesday: Bouzic  (July/August), Le Bugue (July/August), Le Coux (July/August), Saint-Amand de Coly   (July/August), Villefranche du Périgord   (July 14th - August 23rd).

■ Wednesday: Belvès  (end of July - beginning of September), Saint Geniès (July/August), Rouffignac (mid-July - mid-August).

■ Thursday: Auriac du périgord  (July/August), Hautefort (July/August), Saint-Cyprien (July/August).

■ Friday: Le Buisson (mid-June - mid-September), Salignac   (July/August), Saint-Cybranet (July/August), Valojoulx   (July/August).

■ Saturday: Audrix (July/August), Saint-Pompon  (enf of June - beginning of September).

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