Lascaux IV

Le site de Lascaux IV

After Lascaux II (famous facsimile of the original cave of Lascaux) and Lascaux III (The Lascaux international exhibition), now : Lascaux IV, or Centre International d’Art Pariétal

Construction work for this project began in July of 2014.

The construction of the facsimile began in October 2014 with the collaboration of the specialised Périgord-based team of Atelier des Fac-Similés du Périgord.

This International Centre for Cave Art (Lascaux IV) opened in December 2016 at the foot of the Lascaux hill.

The site includes a facsimile of the entire cave - as well as the discovery of cave art from around the world and the Cro-Magnon civilisation - through virtual reality technology.

The latest in image and virtual technology is used to enhance this cultural experience.

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