Fest'Oie (a Goose fair)

As the salamander is the emblem of Sarlat, so the goose is clearly that of its land.
In the Dordogne, the humane reproduction of this web-footed creature dates back 20000 years. Clearly, the foie gras tradition is well anchored in history.

So every year, at the beginning of March, Sarlat celebrates the animal which has become its mascot and invites us to the celebrations.
The festival is Sarlat Fest’oie. Noisy gaggles of geese honk across the medieval town; there are stalls where you can taste the food on offer, each more tempting than the other; “la soupe de carcasse” (carcass soup), a truly local traditional dish, is on offer to warm you up; there’s a traditional music band for ambience, and workshops and demonstrations for young and old alike.  

It takes place in the presence of the farmers who work to maintain the quality of this authentic product. They take great pleasure in explaining their skills to you.

And of course the Sarlat Fest’oie would not be the Sarlat Fest’oie without its great banquet. It is THE gastronomic event not to be missed.
A feast the like of which you have rarely seen. A meal where you can have as much foie gras as you desire and where the top Sarlat chefs produce the best of the traditional ways of cooking “l’oie grasse” , using all their talents to bring the produce to the table.                    
Grillons, stuffed neck, magret (breast), aiguillettes, civet (stew), pot au feu (casserole) … Henry Miller said that Sarlat was paradise in France, so come and discover nirvana!