Tamniès is a picturesque village of the Périgord Noir, situated between Sarlat, Montignac (of the Lascaux caves) and Les Eyzies (the World Capital of Prehistory). Tamniès is built on a hill overlooking the Beune Valley.

The 13th-century church in the centre of the village once served as a watchtower.

Beyond the village centre, Tamniès offers a rich built heritage including dry stone huts and other typical Périgord-style buildings such as the church of its former prior which features a thackstone roof and is listed in the register of historical buildings.

The local museum, offering an initiation to prehistory, displays an impressive collection of knapped flints and other ancient artefacts discovered by the village's inhabitants. Exhibited below a chronological chart, the pieces show the various types of weapons and tools used by the civilisations that successively developed here since the Palaeolithic.

The hollow tree in the centre of the village is more than two hundred years old. It is called L'Arbre de la Liberté, and, as in every village of France, it was planted on 14 July 1790 to celebrate the first anniversary of the French Revolution.

► Services :

Primary school - Bourg (+ 33

Townhall - Bourg (+ 33 5 53 29 68 95) - www.tamnies.fr

Traduction/Interpreting - Consult Service, le Bourg (+ 33 5 53 29 44 65/ + 33 6 89 91 08 11)

Parks and gardens maintenance - PHELIP Samuel, Le Petit Salignac (+ 33

►Shops :

Regional products - BEAUNAY Thierry, La Vidalie (+ 33

Ferme de Favard, Favard (+ 33

Stained glass - Les Vitraux de Margot, Bourg (+ 33

Cutlery - Palaios - Shop in Les Eyzies (+ 33 6 88 92 71 33)