Sainte Nathalène

Sainte-Nathalène is an old, bucolic village built along the Énéa, a small tributary of the Dordogne.

Its varied topography, including hillsides, valleys, woodlands and fields, provides the basis for its modern agriculture. The village is criss-crossed with footpaths which have enabled it to develop 'green tourism' and rural self-catering accommodations.

There are several historical buildings to discover here, including a 15th- and 16th-century church with a bell wall; the 16th-century Massaud manor; the 15th-century Latour castle, featuring a thackstone roof and listed in the historical register; and the La Tour mill. This water mill still functions to this day, powered by the flow of the Énéa. It produces oil pressed from walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

Part of the hillsides of this village are listed as a Natura 2000 zone, and the entire Énéa valley is a protected site.

Gastronomy :

Food market : on Wednesday morning, in July and August.

► Services :

Library - Bourg (+ 33

Community centre - Bourg (+ 33

Nursery school - Bourg (+ 33

Primary school - Bourg (+ 33

Townhall - Bourg (+ 33

Nurses - DELTEIL Nathalie, Chantegrel (+ 33

QUILLON Annie, Plaine de la Roussie (+ 33    

►Shops :

Regional products - Le Moulin de la Tour, Moulin de la Tour (+ 33

Landscaper - LIEBUS André, Peyrignac (+ 33