Marquay is a small village located halfway between Sarlat and Les Eyzies.

It is considered a 'hillside' village compared to those along the Dordogne River, which are considered 'valley' villages. Marquay is appreciated for its local, historical and archaeological heritage.

Among the monuments that make up its built heritage are the 12th-century fortified church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens and the 15th- and 17th-century Puymartin castle (open to the public), both listed historical buildings. The 15th- and 16th-century Laussel castle offers a splendid view over Commarque castle (also open to the public).

In addition to this built heritage, the village includes the Cap Blanc rock shelter, which contains one of the area's greatest prehistoric masterpieces still open to the public, a monumental sculpture dating from the Upper Palaeolithic. Today, the area is famous for this incomparable frieze of sculpted animals on the rock face.

Gastronomy :

Food market : On Sunday morning, in July and August

► Services :

School, Bourg (+ 33

Garage, DECABRAT Olivier, Malonie (+ 33 9 75 7591 83)

Townhall, Bourg (+ 33    

► Shops :

Grocery : LEMERCIER Valérie, Le Bourg (+ 33

Art Cabinet-making - HAMON Michel, Les Maurissoux (+ 33

Art Ironwork - AMPOULANGE Didier, La Croix Dalix (+ 33

Regional products - La Ferme de la Grézelie, La Grézelie (+ 33

- ESPINASSE, Le Vignal (+ 33

- La Ferme du Brusquand, Le Brusquand (+ 33

- ALBIE Huberte, Le Pech (+ 33

- DELBOS Philippe, Bardenat (+ 33

Online cosmetics selling - HAUDEGOND Emmanuelle, Les Maurissoux (+ 33